Ye Planry Bungalows

Dates of operation unknown. Two catalogs have surfaced - a 1909 and a 1911 version.
Los Angeles, California

Ye Planry Bungalows, Plans book, Los Angeles, California, was published in 1908 and is a typical early Arts & Crafts Bungalow plans book. It contains 44 plans, hand drawn with interior views. Plans cost $10 and bills of material $5, the book itself was a dollar. Officers of the company were listed as A.S. Barns, President, V.D. Staples, Vice-President, W. B. Vanderlip, Secretary and Treasurer. There is an interesting preface discussing Bungalows and Arts & Crafts homes in general.

To see many more house plans for kit and stick built homes, visit Antique Home. This link takes you to see the whole Ye Planry House Plans catalog.


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