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From the "Brush and Pail" a trade publication for the house painter from the Alabastine Company of Bay City Michigan. Founded by Melvin B. Church, inventor of Alabastine (1874) which he patented in 1875.

From: Business of Grand Rapids, 1881

"Alabastine was invented in 1877, by Melvin Church, who has since managed the business. It is made from gypsum rock, and ground in to a powder, much resembling calcimine. It is destined to take a front rank among the many materials for covering walls, and is deemed of such importance that the Michigan State Board of Healthy have endorsed it as better than any material of a like nature heretofore offered for sale, both in regard to its beauty and finish, and its health preserving qualities. The office of the company is at 9 North Ionia street, where the material is stored and sold. Sales have been made all over the Union, and a large amount shipped to Europe."

The company was founded in 1879. They mined and processed high quality gypsum found underground in Grand Rapids, MI. Alabastine was a thin wall covering made from the gypsum and mixed with water. It would then be brushed onto the wall like paint. The product was very successfully marketed as being "sanitary" and as easy to use for the home owner as for the professional house painter and decorator. The company closed its doors in 1943.

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