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In the spirit of the societies created during the early 20th century in response to the Arts and Crafts Movement, this site has been created to provide an online "home" for the present-day Arts & Crafts Movement community. We offer a range of historical and contemporary sources on the Arts & Crafts Movement as well as an active forum, bookstore, and marketplace.

Charles and Henry Greene

In 1916, Charles Greene moved his family from Pasadena to Carmel. This seemingly innocuous event marked the unofficial dissolution of one of the most noteworthy architectural firms in early 20th century America. Many other firms have enjoyed more acclaim, longer tenure and greater numbers of commissions but few have left such a distinct imprint on residential architecture in this country.
Greene & Greene Architects...

Mission Interior Design 1917

What did the inside of the bungalow look like? Simple, functional furnishings were the fashion of the day. Take a look at our interior designer article from 1917, describing the mission style furniture that graced Arts and Crafts homes. Mission Style Furniture...

Arts and Crafts Homes In California

Ye Planry, a Los Angeles design firm that created this beautiful catalog of Arts & Crafts style Homes. Ye Planry House Plans...

Craftsman Spotlight

Homestead Craftsman

We handcraft unique & innovative accessories for your home or office in the Arts & Crafts style and tradition.
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